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Babies are such an amazing gift and becoming a parent regardless for the first time or the fifth is one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences of ones life. Although it isn't quite possible to sum up the joy of a baby in several words. This Baby journal can do a great job in summarizing some of the feelings and thoughts you have for your little one.
Jot down every special story, from your baby's naming ceremony to the first birthday party and discover many firsts. You can start filling in a few weeks before your baby is born and write about those sweet memories of anticipation, and for the stories that have a bubbly voice and fun actions, we urge you to record them and preserve it too, so that your stories are put together the way it happened.
Don't skip any step and keep filling in. You may never know, but someday your baby will show it to his / her baby and many more generations to come.


1. A Journal with cloth quarter - Binding cover.
2. Includes pretty keepsake envelopes to preserve scans & reports.
3. Useful pockets to store new Baby cards received & any other cherished momentoes.
4. Enough space for photo's.
5. The perfect gift for new parents everywhere.

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