Hi! My name is Kirti & I am mother to a beautiful girl. Tiara Diaries was founded by me in 2013 and I owe my little princess for that. Being Pregnant made me realise that out of all the rights of a women the greatest is to be a mother and my belief in this purest relationship gave me the courage to start this venture.
    Having an idea of making only one product to offer which also doesn't sound very profitable to the business experts usually brings in a lot of discouragement and criticism and I don't blame them, that's how a business works. But I still went ahead believing that the" Ones who think they can change the world , are the ones who actually do", and i kept moving ahead with a clear target of making beautiful MOM Diaries for beautiful godly mothers who believe in the purest relationship and bond of a mother and a child.

   I completed my Masters from Bradford University, UK with a gold medal in 2002 & thereafter pursued 2 marketing diploma programs from University of California, Berkeley, U.S in 2003.
   Chasing my dreams i joined as an Education Counsellor at Ednet Consultants and soon realised - It wasn't really me.
   I got married in 2006 and decided to join my Husband's Company - Mercury Fabrics Pvt Ltd . I worked for good 7 years heading productions and marketing, learnt a lot with a great sense of achievement of seeing the company grow manifolds in those 7 years.

   After endless prayers & wait, I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl – Tiara. Its said that mothers are next to god as they bring a new life in the world but I think it’s the other way round too, It’s a child who gives birth to a completely new soul and honour her by calling her MOM.

    For me she was born the very day I saw her heart beat during my pregnancy ultrasound & thereon, my life changed. I never felt that happy before. I wanted to write & preserve all my feelings but couldn’t find a befitted product. So i picked up a normal diary and customised it to how i wanted it to be.

    Having had an opportunity to run a successful & profitable business with my husband , I rather decided to start a new venture and designed my first product called M.O.M Diary which was sure to be an unforgettable treasure for every MOM who wants to hold beautiful times by preserving those memories forever.

    Positive reviews & Splendid  response by mothers worldwide  along with an expert & stable back up of my parent company Anand Diaries pvt ltd. which is a 70 year old paper product manufacturing company and has been known for its quality products since its inception in 1956. instigated me to design more products like Baby Journals, Notebooks etc.  and realise my dream...

      But this is just the start, ‘Tiara’ plans to introduce stylish yet comfortable maternity wear with fluid knitted fabrics to celebrate your bump soon …    
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